The Wickenburg Ranch Story

Authentic. Arizona. Original. These are more than just words to us - they underpin the fundamental commitment of Wickenburg Ranch to its owners, Members, and guests.

Authentic: Wickenburg Ranch is a contrast to other modern communities which rely upon imported styles and influences to create a manufactured environment. Wickenburg Ranch embraces its natural sense of place, and celebrates the unique topography, heritage, architecture, and – most importantly – the culture of the town from which it draws its name.

Arizona: When Arizona first began marketing itself as a destination for winter visitors in the 1920’s, its draw for tourism and relocation was open skies, the vast availability of land, and a direct connection to four-season outdoor adventure. As Greater Phoenix has grown and suburbia has set in, much of this charm – along with the starry nights – have been lost. In contrast, Wickenburg Ranch is a committed dark sky community, with lots of land and plenty of room to breathe. In fact, nearly 75 percent of homesites include unobstructed backyard views.

Original: The dual meaning of “original” perfectly captures both Wickenburg’s history and Wickenburg Ranch’s future. During the gold rush of the 1800’s, a previously unsuccessful prospector named Henry Wickenburg spotted Vulture Mountain and decided to take a chance. His gamble paid off, becoming the richest gold strike in the state. Without Henry Wickenburg’s daring, it is quite possible Arizona as we know it today would not exist. His strike set off an economic boom that formed the basis for the foundation of not only Wickenburg, but Phoenix, as well. 

As Wickenburg Ranch has been envisioned, the idea of being “independent and creative in thought or action” describes perfectly the community’s goal to create a new concept of what a community can be: more outdoor oriented, more focused on “self-powered” activities, more adventurous, and more reflective of its natural surroundings.