Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation Golf Tournament at Wickenburg Ranch Raises $138,000 for scholarships

On May 17, Wickenburg Ranch, an active lifestyle resort community in historic Wickenburg, Arizona, supported the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation with an inaugural golf tournament.

Community supporters, 82 golfers, and 12 sponsors joined together to honor the spirit of Semper Fidelis at the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation’s Inaugural Golf Tournament at Wickenburg Ranch, where $138,000 was raised. Funds raised at the golf tournament will help the Scholarship Foundation provide post-high school, undergraduate, and career technical education scholarships for the children of Marines and Navy Corpsmen.

The Scholarship Foundation has been Honoring Marines by Educating Their Children for more than 55 years. This year alone, they awarded $7.2 million in scholarships to more than 2,330 students. At a time when the rising cost of higher education significantly outpaces the average military family income, scholarships make a significant difference in the lives of Marine families.

“The Van Tuyl Company firmly believes the children of our nation’s Marines should never be denied the opportunities their parents served to defend,” said Cassie Broemmer, tournament organizer and member of The Van Tuyl Company. “We greatly appreciate the support of Wickenburg Ranch and the participation of our many sponsors – your contributions made this event possible. With your help, we will continue to ensure that no Marine family in-need is left behind.”

In addition to raising $138,000 for the children of Marines, Wickenburg Ranch and the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation auctioned off three Navy SEAL jump packages. The golf tournament also featured long-drive competitor, Mike Zeigler.

About Wickenburg Ranch: Located in historic Wickenburg, Ariz., Wickenburg Ranch is a luxurious all-ages community with a modern western flair, offering championship golf, innovative home designs, and a five-star resort club built on a spectacular site overlooking the golf course and serene desert terrain. For more information visit

About the Scholarship Foundation: Established in 1962, the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation is the Nation’s oldest and largest provider of need-based scholarships for military children. Since its inception, the Scholarship Foundation has awarded $125 million in scholarships to 40,000 deserving families. For more information on the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, please visit

12 Tips for a Happy Retirement

Congratulations! You’ve finally retired and are ready to settle into your life of freedom. We’re here to help you do that.

Arizona hosts several retirement communities, and now that you’re retired, you may be considering moving into one. Wickenburg Ranch, as one of the most luxurious retirement communities in Arizona, can give you the community you need to enjoy the retirement you’ve earned.

With our tips for a happy retirement, you can’t go wrong.

  1. Simplify Your Life

You’ve worked hard your whole life. Between supporting your family and holding down a job in an unstable economy, you’re stressed and tired.

Now that you’re retired, it’s time to take a hard look at your life and decide what you need and what you don’t. And what you want or don’t want in your life.

So simplify.

If you have too many projects sitting around, get rid of some. If your house has a lot of maintenance that you can’t do or don’t want to do, sell it. If you want to live closer to your family, move closer to them.

Moving is a great way to simplify your life, especially if you move into one of Arizona’s retirement communities. Moving forces you to go through everything you have in your life to figure out what you really want, but it also means gaining a new community and purpose in your life.

2. Head to the Heat

Heading to a warm, relaxing place is a hallmark of retirement. And you won’t find somewhere warmer than retirement communities in Arizona.

No more will you have to worry about shoveling snow or slipping on ice. Instead, take in the year-round warmth of Arizona’s desert while you enjoy sitting by the pool or hopping in a golf cart to the next hole.

After all, nothing makes retirement better than having warm, clear weather all year long.

3. Buy Your Dream House

Now that you’re retired, you don’t have to base where you live on your job location. You can move closer to family or head to the warmth of retirement communities in Arizona.

Retirement communities offer high-quality homes to their residents. These homes are designed to build community between the residents and, at Wickenburg Ranch, to enhance and match the community’s surroundings.

Most retirement communities provide various floorplans for residents to choose from. For example, Wickenburg Ranch has floorplans specific to different parts of the community, but they also have an area of the community with highly customized homes.

The best part is these homes are fairly affordable, depending on how customized the house is and which floorplan has been chosen. To give you an idea of a baseline, Wickenburg Ranch starts pricing their homes at $200,000.

So build yourself a dream home – but do it in an affordable, convenient way in a retirement community.

4. Join a Community

When you retire, you no longer have a social life built into your workplace. To have a good social life, you probably have to go look for it.

What you don’t want to do is abandon any sort of social life. Having no social life can bring loneliness and lack of purpose. If you want to enjoy a happy retirement, build a social life into it.

One of the best ways to do that is by moving to a retirement community in Arizona. Retirement communities give their residents personal homes, but also offer countless activities and venues for meeting new people.

If you want your retired social life to be simpler, a retirement community is your best choice for building up a rich social life.

5. Embrace the Active Lifestyle

The last thing you want to do when you retire is let yourself go. After all your time in the office, you deserve to make the most of your life. So don’t sit around on the couch watching TV and doing nothing else. That might be relaxing for a day or so, but it won’t be fulfilling.

Instead, find some new activities. You could try taking a morning walk or run every day. Or start biking. Arizona has lots of hiking trails, so you could take some time exploring nature. You might even take up horseback riding on those trails instead.

And if the outside isn’t for you but you want to stay active, try joining a gym. Many retirement communities have gyms on their premises, which makes finding a gym simple.

However you choose to be active, set up an active routine and stick with it. You’ll feel happier and stronger, and you’ll have plenty of energy to keep you going through any other activities you want to try.

6. Learn to Relax

This is for you workaholics out there. After retiring, you can sometimes feel like you are being lazy or unproductive. Or maybe you just feel a constant need to be working on something – a project, a business, a goal.

And those are good things to do.

But you’ve been working for decades, and now you have a chance to rest. So learn to relax.

You could go to the pool, wade around, soak in the sun, and read a book. Try out a spa, (many retirement communities in Arizona have one) and get a massage or manicure. Or just sit in the park with your dog, chatting with family and neighbors, watching the world go by.

Remember, it’s healthy for our bodies and minds to relax. Take some time for yourself, and let the stress go.

7. Taste Fine Dining

What if you could eat amazing food, sample delicious wine or other drinks, and not have to be the one cooking?

Of course, you could travel around the world eating all the best foreign foods, but that gets to be pretty expensive after a bit.

This tip is something retirement communities can help you with. Retirement communities in Arizona, like Wickenburg Ranch, have high-quality restaurants available for their residents. Sit near a golf course, take in the views, and enjoy your diverse menus and carefully selected range of drinks.

8. Take Day Trips

If traveling the world isn’t in your budget, try taking day trips. Day trips are a great way to get out of the house and spend some time experiencing new things.

Visit a nearby museum, do some shopping, hike a mountain, learn about historical sites, or experience new cultures. You could also take your grandkids to the zoo or lake.

But to do these things, you need to live in a community that is near both the outdoors and a city. Otherwise, your options for day trips may be limited.

Some retirement communities in Arizona are better placed than others. Before you rush to move into a community, check the surrounding areas for potential day trips so you know that you are in the best place for you.

9. Lower Your Golf Score

Another hallmark of retirement is golf, and for good reason. Golf is a great way to spend time outdoors while being active, and when you’re retired, you actually have the time to go through all 18 holes without rushing. You can finally take the opportunity to improve your golf skills and score.

If you’re a golfer or want to be a golfer, try moving to a retirement community that includes a golf course. As part of the community, you should have full access to the course year-round. And living in a warm place means the weather almost never gets in the way of your golf game.

A top golf course in Arizona and the country is Big Wick, an 18-hole, 71-par course that can be both fun and challenging. For a smaller course, try the Li’l Wick, a 9-hole course that fits all levels of golfers and has nighttime lighting for anyone wanting to keep golfing after the sun is down.

10. Try New Hobbies

Not only does retirement give you the time to golf, but it also gives you the time to learn new hobbies. And in an Arizona retirement community, that’s a pretty simple feat.

Like we’ve said in this article, retirement communities offer lots of activities to their residents. When you move to one of these communities, take a look at what they offer and pick something new to try.

You could try your hand at art. You could get into swimming laps. Or take a cooking class. Even do some outdoor yoga or stargazing. Spend some time at sports courts learning pickleball.

Just try something new and get out of your comfort zone. It’s a great way to make retirement more meaningful.

11. Gather Your Family

Moving to a retirement community doesn’t mean cutting off family or friends. And with a new home in Arizona, you’ll be ready to host your family anytime they come over.

Your home will have plenty of space for everyone, you’ll have stunning views to share with your kids, and plenty of activities to include the grandkids in.

Retirement should be a time to bring your family closer to you, no matter how far apart you live.   

12. Decide Now

Moving is a big decision, but the sooner you decide that moving to a retirement community in Arizona is right for you, the sooner you’ll have the retirement you’ve been dreaming of.

As one of the top-ranked retirement communities in Arizona, with award-winning amenities and a nationally ranked golf course, Wickenburg Ranch would like to invite you to take a tour of our facilities today. Our location in the Wickenburg mountains put us near mountains, hikes, the nearby town of Wickenburg, and we’re only a short drive away from Phoenix.

Come see if Wickenburg Ranch is the right community for you, and we’ll look forward to seeing you soon.

The Luxury Amenities at Wickenburg Ranch

Tucked in the stunning Arizona mountains is Wickenburg Ranch, a resort-like community offering its residents and members a living experience like no other. Embracing both modern amenities and the area’s Old Western heritage, Wickenburg Ranch brings the best of old and new together.

Each part of Wickenburg Ranch enhances and accentuates the surrounding landscape, enchanting you with the rural, desert beauty from first-class facilities.

When you come to Wickenburg Ranch, you won’t find just a place to visit – you’ll find yourself home unlike ever before. Join us here in Arizona and treat yourself to our top Wickenburg Ranch amenities.

Comfortable Homes

For all its resort-like comforts, Wickenburg Ranch is designed to be a home for its residents and members. With various floorplans and customizable options, your new Arizona home will be the dream house you’ve always dreamt of – with some extra perks.

Each home is at least 1,500 square feet and can reach up to 5,000 square feet. Additionally, you can work with our talented home builders to ensure that your home fits your lifestyle and the community beautifully.

When you join us at Wickenburg Ranch, you’ll find a community and family everywhere around you, whether you walk next door or relax at our social club above the 18th hole. All of Wickenburg Ranch’s homes and amenities work together to set up the ideal community for you.

Nationally Ranked Golf Course

Wickenburg Ranch combines both community and golf club with its two golf courses and comfortable social environments. Our 18-hole, 71-par course, the Big Wick, stretches its perfectly manicured greens all across our property. Golf Digest has called it one of the “Top Ten New Courses in North America.” With its impressive views and challenging play, Big Wick is one of the most popular Wickenburg Ranch amenities.

If high-level golf isn’t for you, but you still like to spend some time on the green, try our 9-hole course, Li’l Wick. Enjoying equally stunning views, Li’l Wick gives you a round of golf that fits any golfer, no matter their skill level. Along the course is raised seating, allowing you or others in your party to watch the golfers near the green.

And for the times that you want to keep your golf game going into the night, Li’l Wick has four holes with nighttime lighting so you don’t have to stop when the sun does.

Award Winning Social Club

Perched above Big Wick’s 18th hole, you’ll join us in our Social Club for 5-star luxury treatment. As the winner of the 2018 Gold Award for Best Community Amenity, the Social Club is widely seen as the best Wickenburg Ranch amenity.

As you walk inside, you’ll enjoy our living room, set up so you and your neighbors can enjoy chatting, relaxing, or maybe some reading. The room features large windows so you can take in the 18th hole, the mountains, and other features of the area around Wickenburg Ranch.

If you continue through the club, you’ll find a full bar and a saloon, each with TVs keeping you up with your sports teams. Take a load off and enjoy some time for a drink as you check the scores and catch up with your neighbors.

Another favorite place in our social club is the workout gym, Afturburn. Whether you want to spend some time on the cardio machines or join a workout session in the Movement Studio, Afturburn has something for everyone’s workout.

Without a doubt, you’ll find your best social and luxury time in Wickenburg Ranch’s top amenity – the Social Club.

Fine Dining

Wickenburg Ranch’s amenities include three restaurants for fine dining. Jake’s Spoon, with its new-American cuisine, is one of our most popular eateries in the community. Featuring daily dinner specials and the Chef’s famous green chili pork stew, you’ll enjoy the fantastic meals that have made Jake’s Spoon the go-to restaurant in the area. Also connected with Jake’s Spoon is Jake’s Sip, the next-door bar for all your drink needs.

Another favorite restaurant is The Waterhole. Placed scenically near Li’l Wick, The Waterhole includes outdoor dining, drinks, and a fresh menu when you’re looking for a place to rest after your golf game.

Wick’s Hideaway is best known for its drinks, specializing in bourbons and whiskeys. However, if you’re looking for a tasty breakfast spot, stop in for one of our hearty breakfast burritos.

Finally, if you want to skip the restaurants and try your own hand at cooking, join us at Sophie’s Culinary Parlor, where you can learn from experts and take cooking classes. It will give you all the flavors of fine dining with the satisfaction of knowing you can make the food again anytime.


In a peaceful section of our Social Club, you’ll embrace tranquility into your day in the Alvea Spa. Building on holistic and natural elements, the Alvea Spa includes a Himalayan Salt wall, professional massages, manicures, hair treatments, and more.

Also featured in our spa are therapies such as aromatherapy and reflexology. Key to Wickenburg Ranch amenities is the belief that our residents deserve to have the best and feel their best. In the Alvea Spa, we seek to give you the best care possible for your body, so you can enjoy the rest of the community in your highest frame of mind and body.

Endless Activities

A community like Wickenburg Ranch is the best place to find new hobbies. Wickenburg Ranch amenities offer such a variety of activities and opportunities that you’ll have no shortage of new hobbies in your life.

If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at art, come by the Art Barn, the perfect place for new and experienced artists to practice their craft. You can do pottery, draw, and paint with resources like a kiln, deep sinks, and rolling tables.

Maybe art isn’t for you, but physical activity is. Wickenburg Ranch has an outdoor sports complex with courts for pickleball, tennis, Bocce ball, and horseshoes. And if you’d rather watch, the sports complex features raised seating where you can sit back and enjoy.

Take a walk through Charlie’s Park with your dog, or continue through to the nearby hiking trails. The hikes range from easy to difficult and from long to short, so you should have no trouble finding a hike that fits your needs.

Our club also includes a swimming pool with a beach entrance for a relaxing wade and a lap pool if you want to work out in the water. You can strengthen your swimming skills or float along through the afternoon.

Whatever your needs, Wickenburg Ranch amenities offer you all the activities and luxury you could want. Contact us today to set up your tour with us, and we’ll look forward to meeting you in our community.

6 Sustainable Housing Trends to Watch

Thanks to technological advancements, sustainable and eco-friendly homes have grown more popular over the years. Here are six sustainable housing trends to watch.

Sustainable Housing Trends

  1. Energy-Efficient Features

More and more homes are implementing cost-effective, energy-efficient features. While high-performance features come with initial upfront costs, the investment reduces operating costs in the long run and improves quality of life. These state-of-the-art features provide a safe and healthy indoor environment for you and your family.

  1. Solar Energy

Installing solar panels on homes helps power your home while helping you save money on your energy bills, earn tax credits or rebates, and decrease your carbon footprint.

  1. AeroBarrier

AeroBarrier is a revolutionary sealing technology that fills gaps as tiny as a hair follicle that can leak energy. Reduced envelope leakage means improved energy efficiency, less dust, fewer pests, and less outdoor pollution entering your home.

  1. High Efficiency Windows

At Wickenburg Ranch, our homes use windows with a low U-factor. The U-factor is a value indicating the insulation performance of the window. The lower the U-factor, the greater a window’s resistance to heat flow and the better its insulating properties.

  1. Architectural Shading

The front entry and extended covered patios on Wickenburg Ranch Homes are designed to shield doors and windows from direct sunlight.

  1. LED Lighting

High efficiency LED lighting is included in your Wickenburg Ranch home. LED lights not only have superior energy efficiency, but they also have an exceptionally long operating lifespan.

Award-Winning Energy Efficient Homes at Wickenburg Ranch

Our award-winning luxury homes provide greater comfort, style, health and energy efficiency for homeowners. Our homebuilding partners are committed to being industry leaders in innovation and thoughtful design, utilizing cutting-edge technology to create incredibly efficient high-performance homes. Our luxurious community has a pioneering spirit and the chance to create the spectacular life you want, all within the cozy desert mountains of Wickenburg, Arizona.

Book a Golf Vacation at Wickenburg Ranch

Wickenburg Ranch Golf & Social Club is at the center of Arizona’s most dramatic Sonoran Desert terrain. Our golf course tumbles across rolling hills, stretching over 7,000 yards from the rear tees. Each hole offers a different challenge thanks to the varying elevations and strategically placed bunkers. Wickenburg Ranch Golf & Social Club opened to rave reviews, and according to Golf Advisor, it may be one of the best golf courses in Arizona. With that said, Wickenburg is a legitimate golf destination.

Wickenburg Ranch Golf Courses

Big Wick

The championship course, Big Wick, took seven years to groom and refine for the ultimate game of golf. Designed by Bill Brownlee and Wendell Pickett, the course features five par 3s and five par 5s. Golfers can expect elevated tees, sloping greens, and plenty of scenery, including Prescott National Forest and Vulture Peak. Today, the course holds its place among the country’s best golf experiences. In fact, Wickenburg Ranch Golf & Social Club’s Big Wick Course has been voted No. 1 in the United States for Course Conditions and No. 9 overall in a ranking of the Top 50 Courses in the U.S. by Golf Advisor.

Li’l Wick

Looking for a more casual round of golf? With music, a relaxed dress code, and no tee times, the 9-hole, par-3 Li’l Wick golf course plays 663 yards from the forward tees to 1,240 yards from the rear tees. Golfers can even enjoy playing under the stars as four holes and the putting green remain lit up after dark. From beginner golfers to professional players, everyone will love this fun course.

Offering a One-of-a-Kind Lifestyle

Our resort community offers a one-of-a-kind lifestyle, with dramatic desert surroundings and first-class amenities. After hitting the golf course, stop by and enjoy a refreshment or meal. We also carry a large assortment of golf accessories and boutique gift items for all ages, including NexBelts, Navika, and Oakley Sunglasses.

Stay and Play at Wickenburg Ranch 

Choose from a round of golf on our award winning 18-hole golf course, Big Wick, a luxurious massage at the Alvea Spa, a day on the hike and bike trails, or explore the rich traditions of the town of Wickenburg. There is something for everyone at Wickenburg Ranch. Wickenburg Ranch is a private club offering specials and promotions for members and non-members. With golf rates changing daily, we offer dynamic pricing to give you the ability to choose the right price at the right time. Keep in mind that the earlier you book, the more you save. For more information about golf specials and promotions, please call our Sports Shop at 928.668.5535.

Are You Ready to “Right Size”?

Explore Our Most Popular Floor Plans on Saturday, May 4th.

Join us on Saturday, May 4th from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM as we showcase our most popular floor plans by Shea Homes®, Dorn Homes, and K. Hovnanian’s® Four Seasons. Whether you’re looking for greater comfort,  or style, or a small-town change of pace, Wickenburg Ranch has something for everyone. With unique offerings from five premiere builders and superb architectural design, you’re sure to find a floor plan to fit your lifestyle. Our homes embrace their breathtaking surroundings and a unique living space that caters to comfort and luxury.

After browsing our award-winning homes, join the fun with current residents on the Model Home Park Lawn for a special Mix and Mingle filled with grill fare, cool refreshments, and live entertainment. There is no better way to experience the Wickenburg Ranch lifestyle and amenities while meeting the wonderful residents of the community.

To top it off, you can schedule a private tour of our first-class amenities, including the Courts and Sports Complex, signature restaurants, and our 5-star clubhouse (who rated it 5 star?).  If luxury living is what you desire, Wickenburg Ranch is the perfect spot. Let us show you why we don’t just meet the standard, we set it.

RSVP Today to Secure Your Spot!

With exclusive weekend home incentives on both Homesites and Quick Move-in Homes, you won’t want to miss this event. Come and see why Wickenburg Ranch is The Adventure of a Lifestyle.

Start your model home tour at Wickenburg Ranch Discovery Center located at 3312 Maverick Drive, Wickenburg, AZ 85390. RSVP today to secure your spot!


The Adventurers’ Paradise is Ready: Homes For Sale at Wickenburg Ranch

If you love spending your days out exploring trails and then your nights stargazing with a signature cocktail in your hand, then Wickenburg Ranch is where you should be. This resort-style community nestled in the mountains of Arizona, just outside of Wickenburg, is the adventurer’s dream. Don’t believe us? Let’s look at some of the highlights of life at Wickenburg Ranch.

Trails for every hiker
Whether you want a relaxing walk or a challenge, you will always find new places to explore with 13 miles of trails winding through the desert hills. There are hard and soft pioneer trails that offer incredible views of the Arizona desert just outside of your home.

Pristine golf greens
Wickenburg Ranch offers two golf courses with challenges and fun for every type of golfer. Our 18-hole and 9-hole courses are artfully designed and have high-quality Bentgrass to give you the best golf experience.

Breathe-taking stargazing
Under Arizona’s dark sky, is our Lunar Lounge where nature-lovers can come and use our state-of-the-art telescope to appreciate the galaxies above. Nearby, you can also enjoy the beautiful night sky while practicing yoga in our Solstice Park.

A dog park for our four-legged friends
Wickenburg Ranch knows every adventurer needs their four-legged companion to stay healthy and happy. Your pup will love playing with their neighbors in our spacious dog park while you chat with fellow dog-lovers; keeping both you and Fido happy.

If you’re ready to pack your bags and come to Wickenburg Ranch, we have great news for you! We currently have plenty of beautiful homes for sale in our community. Check out our Home Collections page to view some of the available houses.

Big Wick Number 1 in the Top 25 U.S. Courses

Big Wick Named Top Course in the U.S.

Golfers have spoken! Wickenburg Ranch Golf & Social Club’s Big Wick Course received top honors from Golf Advisor, the leading authority of golf course ratings and reviews by golfers, for golfers. In the website’s list of best courses of 2017, Big Wick was voted No. 1 in the United States for course conditions, No. 1 golf course in Arizona, and No. 9 overall in a ranking of the Top 50 Courses in the U.S.

Golf Advisor’s community of golfers share their first-hand knowledge of courses across the globe to help other golfers decide where to tee off next. Gold Advisor received more than 144,000 golf course ratings and reviews from our golfer community in 2018, and 2,800 U.S. courses received enough reviews to be considered for their list.

According to Golf Advisor, course scores are based on a combination of the star-ratings of their value, conditions, layout, pace of play, friendliness and off-course amenities. To be considered for Golf Advisor’s best-of rankings, courses need at least ten reviews throughout the year.

“We are honored that Big Wick is ranked on these Golf Advisor lists,” said Bill Brownlee, a development partner in Wickenburg Ranch and a co-designer of the Big Wick. “We artfully designed both courses to ensure that Wickenburg Ranch is among the state’s most enjoyable and elite golf experiences, and our presence on these lists is proof of that.”

The Golf & Social Club is the heart and soul of the Wickenburg Ranch community. Since opening in 2015, the 18-hole, par-71 championship course has received a number of awards, including being named No. 4 on Golf Digest’s list of “Top 10 Best New Courses in North America” in 2015, named a “Top 5 Best Courses to Play in Arizona” by Golfweek in 2017 and No. 94 on Golfweek’s 2018 list of “Best Residential Courses in the U.S.”

Book a Tee Time at Wickenburg Ranch Golf Club

With a sophisticated design, varying distances, generous 10-minute tee time intervals, Big Wick is unlike any other golf course in Arizona. To experience it for yourself, book a tee time today or make a reservation for play up to 60 days in advance of your visit.

The Benefits of Resort-Style Living

Resort-style living offers residents a chance to create the kind of lifestyle they’ve always dreamed about. Here are ten reasons why a resort-style community like Wickenburg Ranch will take your life to the next level.


Rejuvenating Spa

Top-notch resort-style communities offer a relaxing and rejuvenating spa so you can stay refreshed for the following week. Wickenburg Ranch residents and guests can benefit from a team of certified therapists, full spa, salon, relaxation rooms, fitness center, and much more.


Pristine Golf Courses

Avid golfers can step right outside and gain access to refined golf courses that offer manicured greens, lush fairways, and ultimate golfing experience. Players will also enjoy the pristine beauty of the landscape surrounding the resort. At Wickenburg Ranch, we offer an 18 hole and 9 hole golf course with varying skill requirements and distances.


Culinary Delights

After hitting the golf courses, grab a bite to eat while sipping on a cocktail. Overlooking the golf courses, our restaurants are the perfect blend of traditional favorites, craft beers, carefully selected wines, and lively atmospheres.


Scenic Views

A resort-style community wouldn’t be complete without its pristine landscape. Our 40,000 square foot Golf and Social Club sits on a peaceful courtyard overlooking the dramatic desert mountain peaks.


Endless Entertainment Options

You’ll never get bored living in a resort-style community. Entertainment options include everything from yoga and stargazing to hiking and tennis. After taking advantage of outdoor activities, head inside for the health and wellness facilities.


Top-Notch Social Life

Since resort living means endless entertainment and activities, you’ll find people who are eager to establish roots and form lifelong friendships. Plus, many residents join various clubs, such as gardening, book club, walking, and more.


Luxurious Home Collections

Residents of resort-style communities will work closely with award-winning home builders. From open-floor layouts to beautiful backyard views, you’re sure to find a home that suits your lifestyle.


Pet Accommodations

Are you a pet lover? Our spacious dog paradise features picnic areas, lush gardens, dog wash stations, and plenty of space for play and companionship.


Professional and Friendly Staff

Resort-style living means resort-level customer service. The Wickenburg Ranch team is comprised of hardworking individuals who are determined to meet your every need. All you need to do is sit back and relax.


Location, Location, Location

Wickenburg Ranch is only an hour drive from the Phoenix-metro area and a few hours from the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas. We pride ourselves on providing residents a spectacular lifestyle within the cozy desert mountains of the Old West.

Choose Wickenburg Ranch as Your Resort-Style Community

If you’ve heard about resort-style communities and are ready to experience one-of-a-kind views and an active lifestyle, you have to experience Wickenburg Ranch for yourself. We offer quick move-ins to semi-custom choices. From luxury homes to one-of-a-kind resort-lifestyle amenities, the team at Wickenburg Ranch is thrilled to show you around this exciting community.


A Wickenburg Wedding Venue that’s Rustic Yet Refined

Nestled in the historic town of Wickenburg and an hour from Phoenix, Wickenburg Ranch is the ultimate venue for your dream desert wedding. With extraordinary mountain views and world-class facilities, our wedding specialists will work with you to deliver the ceremony and reception you’ve always wanted at one of the best wedding venues in Wickenburg, Arizona.

Away from the sounds of the city, your wedding at Wickenburg Ranch will be unlike any other. Our unique surroundings combined with rustic charm and modern day amenities will make your day perfect at Wickenburg’s premiere wedding location. To accommodate a wide variety of needs, we offer four different wedding venues.

Event Lawn

Make a real fairy-tale wedding entrance with a panoramic mountain backdrop. Once the ceremony is over, cap off the night with music, dancing and celebrating underneath the endless desert sky. This venue holds 200 guests for the ceremony and 80 guests for the reception.

Event Hall

With just the right amount of rustic charm, our 3,000 square-foot event hall ballroom offers breathtaking views of the surrounding desert landscape. After saying your “I do’s,” hit the dance floor with your new husband or wife. This venue holds 200 guests for the ceremony.

The Watering Hole

This cozy outdoor bar and grill are surrounded by water, along with spectacular views of our par-3, 9-hole course Li’l Wick. This venue holds 125 guests for the ceremony.

Ceremony Terrace

Imagine a romantic wedding scene in front of two beautiful lakes and our 9-hole golf course, Li’l Wick. This venue holds 125 guests for the ceremony.

Following the ceremony, your guests will be entertained by our culinary delights, crafted beverages, and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. 

After your wedding, enjoy Alvea Spa for a romantic and relaxing spa day. We also offer two exceptional golf courses suited for golfers at any skill level to play. After falling in love with our luxurious community, we invite you to browse our homes for sale. Wickenburg Ranch not only offers top-notch wedding venues and activities, but we also offer visitors the opportunity to choose the perfect homesite.

Plan Your Dream Wedding Today

Let us help you plan your dream wedding at Wickenburg Ranch Golf & Social Club. Contact our Event Sales Manager, Tabitha Bair, at 833-511-8750.