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The Trilogy® Lifestyle

At Trilogy, we believe that the feeling you get when you make a new friend is among the best feelings you can experience. So we create environments where “community” has meaning far beyond streets and sidewalks and sticks and bricks. Places where each new day is an opportunity for deeper happiness and, for many, personal transformation.

Why Trilogy? Because we believe with all of our souls and hearts and spirit that where you live can make you happier, and that being happier is the true, real, authentic — and often unspoken or unrealized– goal of us all.

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We invite you to take the leap

Many of our Homeowners have told us they are happier today than before they moved into Trilogy. It’s a tremendous testament to the power of what Trilogy communities create. New friends. New experiences. New ways to enjoy the world.

What do our homeowners say when we ask how they feel about moving to Trilogy? You guessed it: “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” If you’re ready for the change, now is the time and Wickenburg Ranch just might be the place.


Trilogy National Programming

RECIPROCAL ACCESS AT OTHER TRILOGY COMMUNITIES is our way of making Trilogy feel like home, even when you’re on the road. If you’re traveling and near another Trilogy community, your home community leader can arrange access for you to enjoy the resort club and other amenities.



AFTURBURN emphasizes Trilogy’s belief that fitness is ever-changing, and it is important that the communities provide the right balance of traditional equipment and class options while also challenging Homeowners with newer, more progressive techniques. Scientists are currently unifying around the physical (and cognitive) benefits of high-intensity interval training, and understanding that Trilogy has rolled out its Afturburn classes, and facilities. Constantly varied and based on functional movements, Afturburn classes pair expert instruction with positive peer encouragement to help Homeowners reach their fitness goals.

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#MYTRILOGYLIFE MAGAZINE was created as a way to share some of the amazing Homeowners and experiences that make our communities such enriching places to live. The content includes feature stories on travel, cooking, personal histories, and more, all complemented by fun facts and many photos. The content for #MyTrilogyLife Magazine is always Homeowner submitted. There is an editorial board in place that curates the final story selections, and ultimately everything in the magazine is by, for, and about the Homeowners.